Obtain a free, confidential telephone consultation from The Polygraph Science Center, located in Grapevine, Texas, and founded in 1990. A registered subsidiary of IQM Inc., we are a licensed and insured full service polygraph agency.

Because not everyone is a suitable candidate for examination, the intention of the consultation is to give you advice on the value of polygraph for your particular need; we are selective about the cases we accept, only accepting those where there is a belief the client will actually benefit from the examination. Both the client and case must meet standards considered to be suitable for examination.

Consultations are by appointment only (no walk-in clients accepted), and agreed-to exams are scheduled in two hour blocks, where both verbal and written reports are provided. It is best to suggest a time for a return call, so you and the examiner will have the opportunity for an uninterrupted, confidential conversation. Please be prepared to fully disclose the facts related to your circumstances.

With substantial field experience in the area of personnel investigations and noted for their integrity, our respectful and firm, yet compassionate, professional examiners have advanced degrees and extensive investigative experiences. Please fill out the following form for your free consultation.

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